• Parents and students, Welcome to Spanish Class 2017-1018!
    My name is Gloria Click and for the past 12 years, I have been teaching in Granbury, where I also live with my family.
    I am looking forward to meet you, learn together and have some fun while learning Spanish. This year I'll be teaching adv. Spanish II, III, & IV. Students, be prepared to speak, listen, read, write, sing and share your talents in our class. I will be your best supporter and your #1 fan. I will always be ready to help you reach your academic goals and bring out the best in you! The best way to ensure your own learning is to attend class regularly, participate and ask questions. Do not worry about getting out of your comfort zone, please do,we're in this together, all year long. Take pride in your learning, be proactive, do it, not only to get a good grade, but and more important, do it because it's who you are, a shinning star, ready to shine with your own light, every time, all the time, all year long! 
    Also, respect yourself and others by being in class on time, collaborate with your classmates, avoid using cellulars while class is in progress and use the "golden rule" always.  Please Know that a wonderful school year is ahead of us!
    Parents: I am available during my planning period, 7th class period, from 2:00 to 2:45. My email is : gclick@tolarisd.org and the school tel. # is 254-835-4316, lets work together.
     Hoping you have enjoyed your summer break, I am looking forward to have you in my class!
                                      La profe. Click