• Dear Tolar ISD Stakeholders, 

    First, I want to commend everyone for your extreme patience and grace during these crazy times.  Our teachers and students have amazed me with their flexibility, creativity, and overall commitment.  Today, like every other day, our Tolar team is working diligently in pursuit of excellence.  To help guide these efforts, we evaluate and refine our goals annually as we strive to reach our vision of:

    Building tomorrow's leaders through education with pride in country, school, and self.  

    This year, as part of our goal setting process, we would like to identify the skills, attributes, and qualities that are most important to our graduates as they leave us and move into the many roles of adulthood.  To help us with this process, I am asking you to fill out the short survey below.  Your input is important to us.

    As always, I appreciate each of you and your efforts. As the saying goes, "It takes a community to raise a child." This is very true and our students are in great hands with the outstanding people within the Tolar community. Thank you for helping us with your feedback!

    Travis Stilwell
    Superintendent, Tolar ISD

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  • Building tomorrow's leaders through education with pride in country, school, and self
    Tolar Independent School District is located in Hood County, Texas. Our 3A District proudly serves three campuses and approximately 780 students, grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th. Our students and faculty represent a long-standing tradition of excellence in character, academics and athletics.

    The success of our students is the result of a collective effort by leadership, parents, teachers, students and a supportive community.  Teachers and administration work hard to build strong relationships with families and students.
    Tolar ISD provides a quality education and contributes upstanding and prepared citizens to our colleges and workforce.







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