• Tolar Independent School District
    Building tomorrow's leaders through education with pride in country,
    school, and self.
    The mission of the Tolar Independent School District, in partnership
    with the community, is to provide knowledge and skills for our 
    students so they will be positive thinkers, hard workers, and problem-
    solvers who contribute constructively to society.
    All students can learn Team Work     Discipline
    Respect     Safety     Patriotism
    Integrity     Cohesiveness     Excellence
    Never quit     Competitive     Character
    Innovation     Positive Thinkers      Honor
    Service to others        
    1.  Create and maintain a culture of high expectations.
    2.  Recruit, retain, and support highly efficient educators.
    3.  Develop a culture of continuous professional learning
          and district improvement.        
    4.  Develop continuity and communication throughout the district.
    5.  Plan, upgrade, and maintain facilities and learning enviroments with
          safety and the future in mind.