Eighth-grade English & At-risk Support
          Eighth-grade English is a crucial year for students.  It is considered an SSI year (Student Success Initiative) which means students need to pass the Reading and Math STAAR tests for eighth grade in order to be promoted to ninth grade. This requirement has been suspended, however, for the 2020-21 school year. I am fully prepared to ensure that every child receives the necessary instruction and any needed remediation along the way in order to be successful.  The junior high will complete benchhmark tests in order to obtain data for each student.  I will also be assessing students' progress along the way and pulling students in for remediation when necessary.  
         In my role as an at-risk support teacher I work with students to reinforce academic concepts as well as help them develop organization, test taking skills, and improve their confidence. I work with the administration and classroom teachers to provide remediation and support for these students. 
         I am very proud to be a part of our campus. Our teachers are dedicated to the education of our students, and we are proud of our students' success.