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    This is my daughter Hanna.  She has a big heart and loves to make others laugh!!  She will be going into the 12th grade and is excited to be a senior this year.  Hanna plays volleyball, basketball, and softball as a Lady Rattler.  
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    This is Jeffrey.  He is going into the 10th grade.  Jeffrey is a busy guy; he loves to be on the GO!!  He loves to play football, basketball and track for Tolar.   
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    This is Magen my oldest.  She attends Tarleton State University and is studying Nursing. She loved being a Tolar Rattler!  She loves to fish with her dad and loves hanging out with her family.   Magen has a big heart and will do anything for anybody.    
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    This is my husband Jeff.  He is a amazing dad and works as a fireman.  He loves to be with his kids and enjoys taking us fishing in the ocean.  He is an amazing person; will do anything for me and our kids.