Who needs a Phsyical??

    - All incoming 7th graders participating in Athletics.

    - For the 2020-21 school year it is recommended (not required) that all incoming 9th and 11th graders have one.

    - Anyone who answers "Yes" to questions 1-6 on the Medical History form must have one.


    Who needs to fill out the Medical History Form (front page of Physical Form)?? 

    - EVERYONE. This is required to be completed every year. 

    - This form can be accessed from the "Download and Print" tab on RankOne when filling out online forms or a hard copy can be found in front of the HS and JH

    -  Once completed, email these forms to bmelancon@tolarisd.org


    Tolar ISD Athletics Online Paperwork:   tolarisd.rankonesport.com

    - EVERYONE must fill out the online information. 



    Cross Timbers Orthopaedics in Stephenville will be taking appointments for physicals since they are unable to come to the school at this time. 

    If you have any quetsions please contact our Athletic Trainer: bmelancon@tolarisd.org