Welcome SUPERSTARS!


    me Hello!  I'm the Kindergarten -5th grade Phys.Ed teacher, Mrs. Ives.  I can't wait to help you unleash your STAR POWER this year in PE.



    Here are a few things SUPERSTARS need to know about Physical Education class at Tolar Elementary:


    1.     BEING ACTIVE, HAVING FUN AND GETTING ALONG, are the 3 main areas of focus in our gym! If you can do those things, then you will earn a good grade for PE class. Students will have opportunities to be rewarded for good behavior, effort, and attitude.  Be ready to start a CHAIN REACTION of kindness in all you do!   Parents will receive a note from the teacher if behaviors are not corrected after a verbal warning.

    2.     COME PREPARED EACH DAY!  PE Class is like any other class!  To be prepared, come wearing your TENNIS SHOES that lace-up or Velcro fasten – no slip ons or sandals of any type. *Girls always need to be sure and have shorts on underneath any skirts that are worn since we will be on the floor when stretching, riding scooters, etc. Just be sure to come to school in clothes that you can run & move in easily and are dress code appropriate for both safety and health issues. Students who don’t come prepared will lose points toward their grade for the six weeks and will not be allowed to participate for the day.


    3.     ILLNESSES which don’t allow participation need to be cleared through the school nurse or a doctor and should be documented with a note to the PE teacher to excuse them from participation. Grade points will not be deducted if students are required by a doctor to sit-out due to an illness or injury. Please do NOT send me an email for your child to sit out of PE, as our spam blocker may not allow your message to my inbox before your child comes to class, so please send a written note.


    4.     GRADES FOR  PE will be based on BEHAVIOR, ATTITUDE, EFFORT, COOPERATION and PARTICIPATION. PE class is intended to help ALL students learn and understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Part of my curriculum will involve providing students the opportunity to learn skills used in competitive sports, but our focus is on learning and practicing those skills. Some game situations will involve competition, so I require GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at all times.


    As your child’s PE teacher, I pledge to do my best to CAPTURE YOUR CHILD’S HEART by building a good teacher/student relationship and to do my best to make sure your child has a safe, healthy, fun and active PE period he/she will enjoy and benefit from both physically and socially.

    Contact information         e-mail: iveslisa@tolarisd.org                  school office # 254-835-4028

    Please like our Facebook page to see what fun things we are doing in class. fb logo                https://www.facebook.com/tolarelementarype



    Here’s to a great year together

    Doing my best to help our students be the healthiest possible versions of themselves – inside & outside,




    Mrs. Ives


    K-5 Physical Education Instructor


    Tolar Elementary