• Student Expectations and Grading


    There is no assigned text. All test and project material will be taken from daily notes and lectures. Students will be required to keep an engineering notebook of all project work.  Each project grade will include points dedicated to the upkeep of the engineering notebook.


             I. Homework - may include worksheets, design ideas, sketching and general preparation for presentations, quizzes, tests.

             II. Class Work - constitutes the major portion of the student's time in this class.

             III. Test and Quizzes - will be given as needed to ensure that the student has mastered the course content.

             IV. Semester Exam - will be given at the end of each term.


     Grading(Freshman Engineering): 

    Class Work, Home Work, Quizzes


    Major Projects/Tests



    Grading(Sophomore Engineering, Robotics, and Senior Engineering: 

    Class Work, Home Work, Quizzes


    Major Projects/Tests




    Student Expectations: 

                   ·       Respect:  Show respect for everyone and everything.

                   ·        Integrity:  Be honest in everything that you do.

                               *Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated*

                   ·        Work Ethic:  Give your best effort on all assignments.

                 (There is no extra credit. So, do your best on every assignment.)

                   ·        Dedication:  Come to class ready to listen, learn, and work.

                   ·        Fun:   Learning is fun…SO LET’S HAVE FUN!


    Make-Up Work / Late Work: 

    Make-up work, due to an excused absence, must be submitted in the appropriate amount of time, as described in the student handbook.  Late work (if accepted) will be subject to a reduced assignment grade.