•  Mrs. Raybon

    Classroom Procedures

       And Grading Policies


    Mrs. Raybon will be enforcing the NO Cell Phone in Class rules as set forth by the district. Phone use or the device being out during classtime in room 20 will result in a zero for a daily grade on the timesheet. These points cannot be made up! Phones will be taken and given to the Office where the administration will deal with the situation. 


    Students will be expected to come to class on time and be prepared with necessary supplies and tools (Paper and writing utensils school chrome book). Students will be given a sign in/sign out assignment in google classroom, which is to be turned in DAILY.  This timesheet will be checked daily along with their beginning and ending questions.and used for the computation of their daily grade. (Just as young people will be asked to keep up with their time on the clock at a job.) Leaving the room for any reason other than being called out by the office will cost students 10 points each time.  Sitting in class with non-participation in discussions and/or assignments may cost student 10 points from the daily grade. These points cannot be made up!


    Each class will have a file drawer. Contained in the class file drawer, each student will have a personal file.  Students will be able to keep paper and writing utensil in this file.  Students will be doing most of their assignments within the google classroom.  Mrs. Raybon will be regularly posting assignments and graded work in this setting.  Students will need to check this classroom daily.  Parents will be invited to participate in the google classroom so that they will have access to everything that is going within the class.


    Classroom Procedure

    Be at your seat when the bell rings. (If you aren't in your seat for roll call you will be counted tardy or absent.)
    Have your chrome book and supplies at your seat.
    Fill out the time sheet for that day and turn it in to google classroom.
    Class will begin.
    If the student needs to leave the classroom, they will fill out their time sheet with time and reason then leave the room quietly and return quietly and in a timely manner.(10 points will be subtracted from their daily grade each time they leave, are tardy, or have other behavioral/participation issues)
    At 5 minutes before the bell (and only then) Students will complete their time sheet and answer the exit question for the day. Once the teacher has cleared the student, they may turn off their chrome book and then sanitize their spot and wash their hands.

    Grading Policy


    Students will earn minor grades [(freshmen = 50%) sophomore thru senior = 40%] to include but not limited to, Timesheets, Daily Assignments and or participation. Students will earn major grades [(freshmen = 50%) sophomore thru senior = 60%] to include but not limited to, Quizzes, Tests, Labs and Projects.  Grades will be kept in accordance with the Tolar Grade Policy as it appears on the TISD website. Late work policy:

                1 day late = 20 points being automatically deducted from the grade earned.

                2 days late = 30 points being automatically deducted from the grade earned.

                3 days late = 40 points being automatically deducted from the grade earned.

                4 days late  = 0 points for the assignment unless a case of extreme mitigating. Extenuating circumstances can be proven with parent conference.



    Each day an assignment is late the student will be given a reminder whitin google classroom that the work is late. Notes about lateness of assignments may be viewed through parent portal as a note attached to that particular assignment as well as being able to see through their invitation to their student's google classroom. Having late assignments will affect their Timesheet grade by 10 points each day.

    (Employers frown upon lateness and unfinished work.)


    Work Preparedness Daily Participation grade and averaged for a weekly quiz grade.


    Work Preparedness

    Grading Rubric


    Student Name:__________________________          Week Beginning ______________


    Areas of Grading Criteria

    20 points per week each



    10 points



    10 points



    10 points



    10 points



    10 points


    On time to class ready for work

    (Paper, Pen/Pencil, Supplies, Homework, etc)






    Number of breaks taken during class

    (4 Points will be deducted each time for leaving class)






    Class Participation ***Questions for the Day

    (Answering questions, asking appropriate questions, team work, individual work)






    Work done/turned in

    In a timely manner







    Paperwork filled out properly

    On daily basis







    Daily Grade







     *** Monday's Entrance Question and Answer;___________________________________________________________


                             Exit Question and Answer: _______________________________________________________________


    Tuesday's Entrance Question and Answer;_______________________________________________________________


                      Exit Question and Answer:___________________________________________________________________


    Wednesday's Entrance Question and Answer;_____________________________________________________________


                           Exit Question and Answer:_________________________________________________________________


    Thursday's Entrance Question and Answer;_______________________________________________________________


                       Exit Question and Answer;___________________________________________________________________


    Friday's Entrance Question and Answer;__________________________________________________________________


                  Exit Question and Answer:______________________________________________________________________


    Total grade for the Week :  _____________