• Grade Level 9-10 / Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

    2018-2019 Year-at-a-Glance

    1st Semester (2018)
    1st 6-Weeks

    Unit: Teamwork & Collaboration

    Unit: Decision Making and Goal Setting

    Unit: Ethics in Business

    Unit: Management of Energy, Money & Tasks

    Unit: Written Communication Practices

    Unit: Research Strategies and Tactics

    TEKS: 1Ai; 1Aii; 3Ei; 4Ai; 4Aii; 4Bi; 4Ci; 4Cii; 4Di; 7Ai; 7Bi; 7Bii; 7Dii
    2nd 6-Weeks (5 weeks)

    Unit: Presentation Strategies & Tactics

    Unit: Public Speaking Basics

    Unit: Skills for Real World Survival

    Unit: Employability Skills

    Unit: 6-week Presentation Practicum

    TEKS: 2Ai; 2Aii; 2Aiii; 2Aiv; 3Ai; 3Aii; 3Bii; 3Biii; 3Ci; 3Cii; 3Di; 7Ai; 7Bi; 7Bii; 7Ci; 7Cii
    3rd 6-Weeks (5 weeks + finals)

    Unit: Mathematics in the Workplace

    Unit: Formulas for Career Success: Portfolio Development

    Unit: Jobs, Careers & Education

    Unit: Exploring Careers Hospitality & Tourism

    Unit: Final Exam Prep

    TEKS: 1Ci; 1Di; 1Dii; 1Diii; 1Ei; 3Bi; 3Bii; 5Ai; 5Aii; 5Bi; 5Bii; 5Ci 5Di; 5Dii; 7Ei; 9Ai; 9Bk; 9Ci; 10Ai;

    2nd Semester (2019)
    4th 6-Weeks

    Unit: Trends in Hospitality & Tourism Industry

    Unit: Technology in Hospitality & Tourism

    Unit: Customer Service in Hospitality & Tourism

    Unit: Environmental Issues in Hospitality & Tourism

    Unit: Sanitation & Safety Practices in Hospitality & Tourism

    Unit: 6-Week Review and Test

    TEKS: 1Ei; 2Bi; 6Ai; 6Bii; 6Cii 8Ai; 8Aii; 8Aiii; 8Aiv; 8Bi; 8Bii; 8Di; 8Diii;  10Bi; 10Ci; 10Cii; 10Ciii; 10Civ; 11Ai; 11Bi; 11Bii; 11Biii; 11Ci;
    5th 6-Weeks

    Unit: Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services

    Unit: Food Service Equipment

    Unit: Restaurant Management

    Unit: Recreation, Amusements & Attractions

    Unit: Lodging

    Unit: 6-Week Review and Test

    TEKS: 8Ci; 8Cii; 8Ciii; 8Civ; 8Cv; 8Cvi; 8Cvii; 8Cviii; 8Cix; 8Cx; 8Cxi;; 8Cxii

    6th 6-Weeks

    Unit: Travel & Tourism Industry

    Unit: Travel & Tourism Management

    Unit: Local Weekend Trip Planning

    Unit: Continental United States Trip Planning

    Unit: World Trip Planning

    Unit: Final Exam Prep

    TEKS: 10Ai; with recap of other TEKS in Application


    Curriculum Resources Used: iCEV Family & Consumer Sciences Site, Youtube and Community Speakers
    Cynthia Raybon FCS (Principles of Hospitality & Tourism)

    Tolar High School