Guidance Themes

  • August: Respect

    Getting to Know your Counselor

    Handbook/Dress Code

    Bullying Prevention  (What Can You Do to Prevent Bullying?Bully Prevention HandoutHow Can You Help Your Peers?)

    If you need to Report --- The Bully Report Form can be found on the the Counseling Page. 



    September: Responsibility 

    Suicide Prevention   -  ( If you need support:  Crisis HotlineSuicide Prevention Lifeline)

    Self Care, Self Help -  (What is Self Care?)/ Start with Hello


    October: Self Discipline

    Self Control

    Red Ribbon Week-  Dangers of Drugs


    November: Tenacity/Grit

    Growth Mind-Set

    Career Readiness



    December: Generosity

    Say Something/Speaking up for Others



    January: Motivation to Achieve

    Study Skills

    What is Stress?


    February: Dating Violence/Healthy Relationships


    March: Cyber Safety


    April: Preservance

    Be Kind to Yourself

    Empathy for Others



    May: Transition and Emotional Intelligence

     Graduation Plans- 8th Grade


    **All of our students at TJH will be enrolled in a college and careers course and health education for atleast 1 semester during their junior high school career.