Tolar Elementary Grading Guidelines 2020-2021


    · Purple Folders will be sent home weekly, please check them for graded work and communication/information from your child’s teacher(s). Planners will be sent home daily in grades 4 & 5 as a communication tool between teachers and parents.


    · Progress Reports will be sent home in purple folders every three weeks in grades 2nd - 5th ..


    · Report Cards will be sent home in purple folders every six weeks, please sign and return it to the homeroom teacher.


    · Each teacher will take a minimum of 10 grades a six week for each content area.


    · Make-Up Work: Students shall be given one day for each day missed due to an absence in order to turn in make-up work. ·Homework: Homework may be assigned on a regular basis. Homework should be used primarily to extend and practice concepts and skills learned in class.


    · Late Work: Upon the due date of the assignment, if not completed the student will stay in during recess until the assignment is complete up to 3 school days. 10 points will be deducted daily, after 3 days the assignment will not be accepted and a grade of a zero will be recorded. Students cannot correct failing papers due to late point deduction for a higher grade.


    · Failing Daily Assignments/Homework: Students will have up to 3 days (including Saturday & Sunday) to correct a failing (below 70) daily assignment/homework one time for a maximum grade of a 70.


    · Failing Tests: Students will not have the opportunity to correct failing assessments for a better grade. Instead teachers will be re-teaching and re-testing the failed content during the school day. Re-teaching is about giving special attention in order to ensure clarity in understanding. The re-test grade will allow the student to earn points back to the original test grade for a maximum grade of a 70. (points per question on the retest will be the same as the points per question as the original test)