Mrs. Collie’s RTI Discipline Plan 2020/2021

    Our Classroom Expectations

    • Follow Directions
    • Respect Peers and Teacher
    • Give Their Best Work Effort

    Daily behaviors are documented via the clip chart. All students will begin at Ready to Learn, then depending on their choices then Mrs. Collie  will move their clip down the chart and she will document what choice they end on at the end of class.  

    If a student chooses not to follow our classroom expectations after receiving redirection from the teacher 2 times then a note will go to their classroom teacher and to their parents to be signed and returned to Mrs. Collie.  


    At the end of the day all clips are returned to “Ready to Learn” and everyone starts fresh the next day.


    If all expectations are met at the end of the week and the student receives a good behavior and work effort report from Mrs. Collie then they will receive a jewel on their clip for having a great week.   


    Weekly communication will be shared with the student’s classroom teacher documenting their behavior and work attitude. 



    Jewels/Hall of Fame  Reward System


    Students will have the opportunity to earn jewels by making positive choices. When a student receives a good report at the end of the week then they will receive a jewel to put on their clip.  When they receive 6 jewels they will display their clip in the Hall Of Fame located in each homeroom and receive a new clip. 



    Students who make it to the Hall Of Fame will choose from the Good Works Tool Box to celebrate their great attitude and behavior