• 3rd Grade Discipline Management Plan
    For negative behavior, two verbal warnings will be given.  If behavior continues, students will sign the behavior log.
    1st time signing- walk 5 minutes of recess. Offense will be noted in purple folder.
    2nd time signing-walk 10 minutes of recess. Offense noted in folder and student will call parents.
    3rd time signing- lose recess for a day/week. Student will speak with principal. Parent will be contacted by teacher/principal.
    Individual students who exhibit good behavior and positive choices will earn a ticket. As tickets are earned, they will be placed in a classroom ticket jar. At the end of the week 4 random tickets will be drawn for a reward or coupon. 
    As a class, we will be using "eye" like what I see.  We will use a jar with googly eyes. When that jar is full, they will receive a class reward.
    Perfect Attendance
    For individual perfect attendance each week, students are rewarded with a ticket.  Each six weeks, tickets will be drawn for an individual student reward.  
    Each day the class has perfect attendance, a letter will be earned to eventually spell out PERFECT ATTENDANCE. Once all letters are earned, the entire class will be rewarded.  
    Parent Communication
    Teacher will document student behavior daily by  writing on calendar in the purple folder. Please initial your students calendar daily and remove important papers.  If you have questions or concerns please call (254) 835-4028 or email ssteele@tolarisd.org