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    Checklist for High School Freshmen


    Freshmen should plan to:

    • Take challenging classes in core academic courses.
    • Work with their school counselor to create a yearly schedule for meeting graduation requirements.
    • Talk to an advisor or school counselor about taking AP and advanced courses.
    • Get involved with community-based and leadership-oriented activities.
      • Start writing down your extracurricular activities and volunteer activities, include the following information:
        • name of group or organization
        • a description of your activities
        • how many hours a week/month/year you are involved
        • dates when you were active in the organization
        • any offices you have held
        • any awards you have received
    • Explore and identify career fields of interest through online research and by attending career fairs and other events.
    • Explore The Four Steps to College.
    • Keep a running list of accomplishments, awards, and recognitions to use in preparing a resume and college applications.
    • Start researching careers you might be interested in, and identifying what education you will need after high school.
    • Research college profiles and what they look for in high school graduates.

    Keep in mind that many of these freshman-year activities should continue through all four years of high school. Career planning, in particular, will merit careful, ongoing research; students may need help refining their goals as they learn new information.