• Spanish classroom rules and expectations for 2020- 2021            

    Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Click


    Parents and Students, in order to have the most successful school year and learn the language, there are a few things must be in place and we need your cooperation and support.


    • Attendance: Come to class every day, on time and ready. Upon entering, follow instructions on the board. Make the most of your learning time!
    • Be willing to try to speak, read, and write in Spanish! We expect you to do your best. If you do, you will continually improve in your ability.
    • Leave your phone outside of the class or turn it off and keep it in your backpack. Parents, please know we expect students not to use their cellular during class so we can maximize our class time and focus on the learning.
    • We will normally do all Spanish work in class. However, students must practice and use at home what we learn each day (three or four phrases per day), as this will be their normal daily homework. Verbal practice is the key of acquiring the language. The more you practice, the easier it gets to become fluent.
    • Always be discreet, regardless of the topic. We are here to help you and support you in your learning. Please do not use class time, (involving everyone) when you have a personal question (about your grades, assignments, corrections, or personal needs). Please let me know your issue or concern as you enter the class, at the end of the class, or when everyone is working on their own assignment during class.
    • Once the class starts, stay focused. It is crucial to hear and practice everything we do and say in class. Remember that you are very much in control of your own learning and therefore your grade.
    • Food and beverage consumption is prohibited in our classroom, other than water. It must be in its original container and with a lid. Any other container must be left out of the classroom or placed on a table in the entrance of our classroom, no exceptions. Please throw these items away upon entering the class, not during.
    • All you need for this class is: a notebook, a writing utensil, and a great attitude. 
    • We will enforce and support all school rules. My school year agenda is full of ideas and overall class activities to ensure you have an academically  successful and satisfying year. Please join me!