• Grading Scale

    Spanish 1

    Minor: Daily work and participation (10)    50%

    Major:  Tests, quizzes, projects (3)           50%


    Spanish 2

    Minor: Daily work and participation (10)    40%

    Major: Tests, quizzes, projects (3)            60%



    1. Turn in work when it is due.

    2. If you have make-up work due to an absence, make arrangements immediately to get the work, complete it, and turn it in in your allotted make-up time.

    3. The highest possible grade for LATE work is a 70 if the assignment is correct and complete.

    4. Deadline for LATE work to be accepted is one week.

    5. A Zero will be entered if an assignment is not turned in by the late deadline.

    **Zeros are entered for any missing work even for school sponsored absences. The grade will not recieve a late penalty if it is turned in complete and on time after this type of absence.


    6. Tutorials are available before and after school as well as Activity Period.

    7. Parents: expect a progress report (3 weeks into the grading period) IF your child has a current grade of 75 or lower.



    1.Entering the class: be in your assigned seat, (never on top of a desk or table) pencil already sharpened, make-up work already located, all personal belongings (backpacks, purses, ...) OFF the table, ready to begin class when the bell rings. Your beautiful faces and hands must be unobstructed from my view.

    2. As soon as the bell rings if not earlier, begin the bell ringer activity, following instructions as they are indicated.

    3. Participate fully in class:

        Daily Calendar and Weather- Spanish 2: a student will read or recite a daily calendar/ weather report.  

        TPR (Total Physical Response)

        "I say (and demonstrate) ..... You do (whatever crazy thing I said."

        TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)

        "I say .....you respond" (Oooh! Ahh! O no, o no!)

    4. Be fully engaged at all times: a) completing individual work; b) singing song of the week; c) listening with encouragement to anyone presenting or speaking to the class; d)practicing with each other in Spanish.

    4. Stay seated until I dismiss the class. The bell is MY signal to dismiss class, not YOURS.



    You may speak in English only if you raise your hand and are recognized by the teacher. It is critical for you to hear and understand Spanish for 95% of every class period. 95% Spanish = Aquisition // English stops the aquisition process.




    1. Teacher warning

    2. Student will be asked to step outside the class for a private talk. Parent may be notified.

    3. Office Referral