• Partents and students, be part of making this school year, the best and most successful for everyone! All year long, I will encouarge and enforce the following.

    I want to help all my students to accomplish all their academic goals and be successful. Students need to stay focus and prevent to be in any unwanted, academic predicament at the end of any six weeks. I expect all my students to do the following:

    I. Attend to class regularly. Be on time and ready to start. As you enter our classroom, follow instructions written on the board (Plan and prepare to participate, turn your chrome book on, etc. ). 

    3. Cell phone off & out of sight. Ideally in backpacks, never on your desk. During class, no use of cellular is a school policy. Charging your phone while in class, it's a class disruption.

    If cell phone is confiscated during class, it will be given to the office (not to the student, not even at the end of our class). If a student refuses to give up his phone, (s)he will be sent to the office. 

    4. If missing work, complete it inmediatelly for full credit. The longer a student waits, the lower the grade (70-50 withing a week), including a permanent zero (any later than a week). 

    Students are responsible to make arrangements if tutorials are needed in order to complete any missing assignments. A day per each absence is given, any longer (than a week) may end in a zero.

    5. Keep any extra food in your backpacks and completely out of sight, never on your table,  sharing or eating during class time, its a class disrrution.

    Athletes, please drink your sport beverage before or after class, not during. Keep it out of sight if you have one. Avoid going to the restrooms during class to prevent missing learning and disrupting others.

    6. I believe in preventing (rather than fixing). Come and talk to me, when given an assignment and you think you can "shine" better in a different way. I can adust any work with your own idea and personalize any assignment for you. I do not want you to be in any academic disadvantage, ever.  I know, everybody "shines" different and its perfectly ok. 

    Please do not wait until you're at risk of failing any six weeks to talk to me, do it before. Be honest with yourself ( and your parents) and do not make excuses. If you care, I will take care of you, my promese.

    7. Class work on time. All daily work is completed in class. If students complete the given assignment and there is class time left, students must a) practice current vocabulary or anything pretending our class. Use of cellulars is prohibited any time, all the time during class.  

    8. Be discreet and respectful to you and others, including everyones time. If there is a question that does not pretend to the rest of the class, (a class grade, an assignment, personal concern, etc.), please talk to me away from class. I will help you without interrupting others.

    9. My prowess to you is, you will learn and have to oportunity to succeed if you do your part and try. I will help you and facilitate for you to shine with your own light. 

    10. The following websites will be used all year long for Spanish II,III & IV: gbnz.io & www.señorwooly.com