Labor Day Cyber Hunt


    1.  Labor Day in the U.S. was first celebrated on __________ (date) in __________ (city).
    2.  Labor Day in the U.S. is observed on the first __________ (name of a week day) of each __________ (name of a month).
    3.  Most historians credit __________ (name of a person) with the original idea for Labor Day.  However, some historians credit __________ (name of a person) with the concept of a labor celebarationl.
    4.  Labor Day was declared a U.S. national holiday on __________ (date).
    5.  The Labor Day bill was passed under President __________ (name of a U.S. president).  This is interesting because he was not a labor supporter.  In fact, he was trying to repair his reputation from an earlier incident.  Earlier that year, he had sent troops to put down a strike and as a result, __________ (number) were killed.
    6.  In European countries, China, and other parts of the world, __________ Day is the holiday to celebrate unions and workers. 
    7.  Using www. dictionary.com, look up the definition, origin, and at least three sysnonyms for the following words:  Labor, Holiday, September.