• 5th Grade Discipline Plan


    Parent Communication for Student Behavior

             Positive behavior will be communicated through Good News Notes, e-mails, phone calls, and/or personal visits

             For continuous misbehavior or serious infraction, parents will be contacted via e-mail/phone call.

    Behavior Documentation/Consequences for Bad Choices

    When a student makes a bad choice, we will follow the protocol below:

    First infraction:  Warning. Talk with teacher about the behavior.

    Second infractionSign The Book and talk with teacher about the behavior.  5 minutes of recess time walking.

    Third infractionSign The Book. Talk with the teacher, note sent home to parent in planner. 10 minutes of recess time walking.  


    A student who severely disrupts the classroom may be asked to immediately go to the principal’s office.  (EX. commits bodily harm to others, destroys school or other student’s property, keeps the class from functioning or keeps the teacher from teaching.)


    * Note that all efforts will be made to redirect, and provide opportunities for the student to correct his/her behavior before infractions occur. *

    Positive Rewards

    A student who chooses to make good choices will earn the following:

        Class Rewards    

    • Positive notes

             Stickers