• 8th Grade Science

    2019-2020 Year-at-a-glance

    ​​Curriculum Used: Kesler Science, Gateways to Science Textbook, StemScope

    1st Six Weeks

    Unit 1: The Nature of Science (2 weeks)

    Unit 2: Forces & Motion (4 weeks)

    TEKS 8.6ABCDE, 8.3AD

    2nd Six Weeks

    Unit 3: Introduction to Chemistry

    TEKS 8.6ABC

    3rd Six Weeks

    Unit 4: Earth’s Oceans & Atmosphere

    TEKS 8.10ABC

    4th Six Weeks

    Unit 5: Ecosystems

    TEKS 8.11ABCD

    5th Six Weeks

    Unit 6: Earth & Space

    TEKS8.7ABC, 8.8ABCDE

    6th Six Weeks

    Unit 7: Processes that Shape Earth

    TEKS 8.8BC, 8.9A

     Processing Standards: 8.1AB, 8.2ABCDE, 8.3ABCD, 8.4AB throughout all lessons