Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sandy Gannon


 Class Expectations:

These are my expectations for our classroom:

  • Be in your seats ready to work by the time the bell rings. (Pencils should be sharpened, notebooks gathered, bathroom break already taken care of, etc.)
  • Bring ALL of your supplies every day- pencils, notebooks, paper, project supplies, if needed.
  • Stay on task- do not talk while the teacher is talking, do not work on assignments from other classes, do not bother those students around you, etc.

I will give several verbal warnings to students who are off task, but will email and call parents if behavior continues to disrupt class. If behavior persists, the student will be be referred to the office.

Textbooks and Journals:

We will use our textbooks in our classroom occasionally. The majority of our information will be given in classroom discussion, lab experiments, demonstrations, lectures and notes that  will be taken in student's journals.  Attendance is vital to be successful in my class! If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your makeup work and catch up on journal notes. The journal is essentially your text book. Journals stay in the classroom unless you are catching up on missed work or studying for an exam. If you lose your journal, it is your responsibility to replace it and catch up on all of the information that has been covered. We will also be saving our work, and notes in google drive.


Grades are calculated:

60% Daily assignments (homework, classwork, quizzes, etc.)

40% Major grades (tests, assessments,  projects, etc.) 

Late Work:

Late work is unacceptable. I give plenty of time to complete assignments in class, or you may take them home to finish for the next day. If you choose not to turn in papers on time or in google classroom, the penalty is as follows:

  • One day late- lose 30 points on the assignment.
  • Two days late- lose 50 points on the assignment.
  • Three days late- A zero will be given for the assignment.


When I give a test, I will give a review to study for the test. If you study the review, you can pass the test easily. If you choose not to study, you might fail a test. If you make below a 70 on a test, you may contact me to ask that a retest be given.The highest grade which can be earned on a retest is a 70, so I would urge you to study and do well on the original test.


We frequently have quizes which lets me know how well you are grasping the content we have covered recently. The pop quizzes are an individual assessment and you must complete them on your own. If you don’t like the grade on any pop quiz, you may do corrections and turning it in within one week of when the quiz is returned to you for half the points you missed the first time. You may only do corrections once, and you would be wise to seek assistance to be sure the corrections are, indeed, correct!

Graded papers:

I will hand back grades papers in class periodically as I grade. You may also check your grades by signing into parent portal.


Students are expected to obtain the material missed and all assignments that they must complete if they miss school for any reason. If you miss a test or quiz, and there is no time in class to complete it, you will be expected to make other arrangements before or after school to do so. There will be a due date when the student should have make-up work completed as outlined in the student handbook. If it is not turned in by that date, the late work policy will go into effect. It is the student’s responsibility, not the teacher's or parent's to do this!  If you are home sick, please log in to google classroom and complete your assignments online. Students, continue checking your emails and google classroom to stay caught up and informed about assignments, grades, etc.

Parent Scheduled Conferences:

If you have any questions or concerns please email me or call during my conference. I genuinely care for my students and want them to be successful! My conference period is from 12:56-1:52. My email is and office phone number is 254-835-5207.

I look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing!