• Mrs. Daniels’ Class Information Sheet


    Science Classes



    Welcome to a new school year! I am looking forward to doing science with you. Here are a few expectations I have for you as we go through the year. Please understand that this year is unlike any we have ever faced so I may need to update some of these procedures at a later date! Thank you for understanding.


    Class Expectations:

    To insure the best education possible, here are my high expectations for our classroom:

    • Be in your seats ready to work by the time the bell rings. (Pencils should be sharpened, notebooks gathered, bathroom needs seen to, etc.)
    • Bring ALL of your supplies every day- pencils, notebooks, paper, project supplies, if needed.
    • Stay on task- do not talk while the teacher is talking, do not work on assignments from other classes, do not bother those students around you, etc.


    Chromebooks/Digital Interactive Notebooks:

    Because of the unique circumstances this year, we will not be using shared textbooks as in years past. Each in-person student will have a Chromebook that they will carry with them all day. They will check it out in the morning and return it in the afternoon. We will be doing the bulk of our lessons on the Chromebooks to insure social distancing and to be ready for any eventuality. We will keep a Digital Interactive Notebook (DIN) on our Google Drives which will hold all information we learn this year. I normally have students keep a paper copy (composition books), so you will have an extra from your school supply list. I apologize, but am sure you can keep it to use next year when things settle down a bit! I will take grades from the DIN as I see fit.



    Grades are calculated:

    60% Daily assignments (homework, classwork, quizzes, etc.)

    40% Major grades (tests, assessments, notebook grades, etc.)


    No-Name Papers:

    If we happen to do paper copies of any assignments this year, and a paper finds its way into the turn-in basket without its owner's name, I will assume the owner didn't care too much about their grade on said paper. In that case, I will trash the paper and put a blank copy on my "No Name" board with the student's name on it and the student will lose 10 points and redo the paper.




    Late Work:

    Late work is unacceptable. I give plenty of time to complete assignments in class. That being said, since Chromebooks will stay at school, I will have to judge on a case-by-case basis what is acceptable as far as getting work turned in. I will be lenient, but will not allow this to be an excuse to get lazy and not turn work in on time! Points will be deducted if this happens.


    Tests will be given on the computers this year. If, for some reason, you make below a 70 on a test, you may contact me to ask that a retest be given. The highest grade which can be earned on a retest is a 70, so I would urge you to study and do well on the original test.


    Pop Quizzes:

    We frequently have what I like to call “pop quizzes” which are assessments of how well you are grasping the content we have covered recently. I will be doing Pop Quizzes on Google Classroom. If you want to redo a quiz, you may do so, but the highest grade you can get is a 70 on a redo. This may only be done once, and you must contact me if you want to do this. It is your responsibility!




    Everything will go out on Google Classroom this year. If you are absent, you need to let the office know, and you will be allowed to make up your work. If it is the same day, you will not be counted absent! Otherwise, you will be counted absent, but will have the same amount of time as you were absent to complete the work without consequences. Also, be sure to remember to bring a note if you are absent!


    Parent Scheduled Conferences:

    I am available for parents. My conference period is from 11:20-12:20, and any time you would like to see me, please call the office and schedule a conference. We can do this via Zoom. You may also contact me by email. I look forward to hearing from parents about their children. I believe communication is key.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful year in science and trust that we will learn from each other!!!



    Thank you,

    Diana Daniels

    Email- ddaniels@tolarisd.org