• Classroom Management Plan

    2nd Grade 2020-2021


    Expectations are as follows:

    1. Follow directions
    2. Be kind
    3. Be respectful
    4. Be responsible

    In second grade we will use positive reinforcement to encourage all students to make appropriate choices each day.  If a negative behavior occurs, we will first redirect the student. Should the negative behavior continue, the student will conference with the teacher and may receive a consequence such as walking at recess or paying their teacher in Rattler Dollars. 

    If a child continues to make choices that negatively impacts them in the classroom, students will again confer with the teacher.  Parents will also be notified about their child’s behavior either electronically or via a phone call.  If the behavior is serious enough an office referral may be made. 


    Rattler Bucks:

    Rattler Bucks will be earned for positive behavior shown in the classroom.  Students may also earn Rattler Bucks for completing homework and meeting their  AR goals.   Rattler Bucks will also be lost for undesirable behavior.   Students will have the opportunity to spend their Rattler Bucks in their classroom teacher’s store.  At the end of the year, we will have an auction with lots of trinkets.  


    Parent Communication:

    Purple Folders will be sent home each Monday.   Homework, graded papers, parent notes and other information will also be included in the folder.