•  Medication Administration at School

    1) We cannot administer any over-the-counter medications except for those that are on our list which is on the back of the registration form unless the students personal physician has written an order for a specific OTC medication.
    2) We can only administer those over-the-counter medications that have been checked on the medication form and the parent has signed the form below the list.
    3) ANY prescription medication that needs to be given at school must be in a recently obtained and properly labeled pharmacy container.  This includes tablets, capsules,inhalers, nebulizer treatments, creams/ointments and liquid medications that are prescription.  Even one time medications like antibiotics must be in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy.  Parents must also sign a request for medication administration form for any prescription medications they want given at school.
    4) Occasionally parents want teachers or the nurse to give over-the-counter medicines that are not on our list.  We cannot do this without a doctors order.  Please do not ask us to bend the rules.  These are the State's rules, not ours.