• Click on the link for the grade you will be GOING INTO for the 2022-2023 School Year. 


    9th Grade:  https://forms.gle/Wxm5yTBNCbi8Nkus8 

    10th Grade:  https://forms.gle/uCwVwRygRs5Gmdcg7 

    11th Grade: https://forms.gle/wFsR8TeVXRzGsDu79 

    12th Grade:  https://forms.gle/H6MM35uVhTn89XjQA 


    Dual Credit Information:

    If you have NEVER taken Dual Credit before, please read the following steps on what you need to do:

    1. Pass the TSI
    2. You must APPLY to Weatherford College by going to GoApplyTexas.org
    3. Click on this link that will take you to steps on how to register for classes:  Steps to Register for Dual Credit Courses - CLICK HERE 

    If you HAVE taken Dual Credit before, you DO NOT need to apply again.  You can go on your Coyote Connect and register for your classes just like you have done before. 

    Here are the course numbers and sections for each Dual Credit Course available for Fall 2022:

    • ENGL 1302-601 (Seniors, English 4)
    • GOVT 2305-607 (Seniors, Government) 
    • HIST 1301-614 (Juniors, US History)
    • MATH 1314-614 (Seniors, College Algebra) 
    • SPAN 1411-602 (Seniors, Spanish 4)