Tolar Junior High
     Christa Hoffman
    Eighth Grade English & At-risk Support
    Call 254 835-5207 to set up a conference
    My Daily Schedule: 
    First Period 8-9 PE Class/Conference
    Second Period 9:14-10:14 8th Grade English
    Third Period:  10:17-11:17 8th Grade English
    Fourth Period:  11:20-12:20 8th Grade English
    Fifth Period: 12:22-1:54 with lunch in the middle at 1:00-1:30 8th Grade English
    Sixth Period:  1:57-2:50 Tutorials
    Seventh Period:  2:50-3:35 W.I.N.
    "If a student cannot learn the way we teach,
    we will teach the way he learns."
    Charles Drake