• Parents and students, Welcome to Spanish Class 2020-2021!
    My name is Gloria Click , this is my fourth year teaching at THS, (previously 12 years in Granbury HS, 8 years in Ft Worth, 2 years in Colorado Mountain College and ESL). 
    I am looking forward to welcome back my "old" students and meet my newones this year in Spanish II!  I can hardly wait to see you after a surprising but necessary extended  time out of class.
     Even thought this year is a very interesting and some what different return to school, we will be resumming our speaking, listening, reading, writing, singing and sharing our individual talents in our class, written and verbally. I will continue being your supporter and facilitator in everything we do in class, either you are in class or remotly. So, be ready to get started either way we will  learn and take pride of everything we do, regarless, if is in class or from home. As always, Iam all for showing how great and wonderful you all are and want to become: a shinier star. I want you to shine every day, all the time, all year long just by simply trying! You and I got this, either its your first year with me or your third one, we'll be a great team!
    Do your best, complete your class work, ask questions, participate, use all your talets, get out of your comfort zone, be curious and ambitious ... Its what it takes to move in the right direction and be sucessful. I'll be your ally and will help you to reach all your academic goals. A wonderful school year together is ahead of us, be ready and excited!
    Tutoring I am here to help you, just make prior arrangements with me. Otherwise, Iam always available 2nd period, from 9:00 to 9:40  or 9:50- 10:30 AM, my conference time & during WIN: 11:21-11:41
    My email is : gclick@tolarisd.org and the school tel. # is 254-835-4316 extension 28
     I hope you enjoyed your extended summer break, I am looking forward to see you on 8/13/21!
                                      La profe. Click