• ¡Hola!

    My name is Janna Daniels and I am excited to be back at THS after a short 22 year absence. I have taught Spanish 1 and 2 for the last 18 years of my teaching career, but I began here and have raised four of my own Rattlers: Jalesa, THS class of 2005; Jillian, THS class of 2007; Jacob, THS class of 2010; and Jayce, class of 2018. GO RATTLERS!

     I am looking forward to getting to know you, learning and having fun while learning Spanish. I will be teaching all Spanish 1 and most of Spanish 2. 

    Students, you will be speaking , listening, reading, writing, singing, and sharing your individual awesomeness in español. I will be your biggest cheerleader and facilitator in everything you do in class. Be ready to relax, but also to go out of your comfort zone and take pride in your language learning. Do it, not only for a grade, but even more importantly because it is who you are, a brilliant shining star. I want you to shine, every day, all year long, in everything you do and I will provide everything you need for awesome shininess!


    Conference: 4th period 11:01-11:46

    Email: jdaniels@tolarisd.org

    School phone: 254.835.4316