• Pre-Calculus

    The first half of this class will cover College Algebra concepts and the second half will be Trigonometry.  I like for my class to be interactive.  I like to get you up and moving around as much as possible by either working in groups or doing cooperative learning.  I also expect participation in class discussions.   


    This class is divided into three parts:  limits, derivatives and integrals.  That may sound foreign to you right now, but by the end of the year you will be well versed in each of these!  Just like Pre-Cal I like to keep my students engaged in the lesson through various activities. 


    I am available for help before school around 7:30ish and during Activity period.  My conference period is 4th period.  My email is jforeman@tolarisd.org and the school number is 254-835-4316.