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    Family Consumer
    Mrs. Raybon
    Texas Certified Educator
    FCCLA Advisor
    Phone: 254-835-4316
    Fax:  254-835-4237
    Conference time:  M-F  8:46 - 9:38 am
    Normal Class Schedule: 
    1st Period Prin. Hospitality & Tourism                                        7:55 - 8:42
    2nd Period Conference                                                                 8:46 - 9:38
    3rd Period Prin. Hospitality & Tourism                                        9:42 - 10:34
    4th Period Food Science                                                            10:33 - 11:20                                                                                                           
    5th Period Intro to Culinary Arts                                               11:24 - 12:11
    Lunch B                                                                                       12:15 - 1:02
    6th Period Lab and FCCLA                                                            1:06 - 1:53
    7th Period Prin. Hospitality & Tourism                                               1:57 - 2:44
    8th Period  Intro to Culinary Arts                                                2:48 - 3:35
    Mission StatementMy mission is to have maximum efficient use of energy and for all that I say and do be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.
     My Vision: For Students of Tolar High School to leave prepared to face the world with knowledge, experience, and hope. For our students to be prepared to be the best at whatever they choose for themselves.
    Philosophy: Every student can learn! It is my job to present information in a manner that enables the student to fully comprehend and apply what they have learned.
    Homework, Tests, Projects and Supplies:  All assignments will be made and turned in through google classroom. Students will be held accountable for keeping up with dates for these items. Projects will require parts to be turned in and then the whole to be turned in. This helps to ensure that students do not earn a zero for a project in its entirity. Make up homework and tests will be Posted to the google classroom and a private message will be sent. The classes will be utilizing iCEV online curriculum along with lecture, projects and labs. Students will be able to access this website from home, their phone at home and the computers on campus. https://login.icevonline.com/login