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    Bus Route Information

    Bus #11
    Driver: Linda Basinger
    Hill City Hwy, Glen Loy Ct, Harkins Ct., Hwy 51, Panther Branch, Panther Ct., Nix Rd., Coleman Ranch Rd., Rainbow Hill Rd., Wood Rd., Tolar Cemetery Rd., Cedar St., Parkview Circle, N Tolar Hwy, Pine St. to 1st St., Elm St to 3rd, Oak St. to Hwy 377.
    Bus #14
    Driver: Debbie Wallis
    Hill City Hwy. (Elm Grove Area), Prairie Creek, McArthur Ct., Paluxy, Deep Down, Rock Church & 205, Baker's Crossing, Loftin Rd., Near Glen Cemetery, Wind Hollow, Richter Ct.
    Bus #12
    Driver: Bill Daniels
     377 Through Town, Jack's Trailer Park, Billings, Shaw, Brown, Wilkerson, Friendship Rd., Hwy 56, East Colony Rd., Winchester Ct., Musick Rd., Star Hollow, West Colony, Campbell Rd., 377 W.

    Parents please make sure your child is early to the bus stop.  Also make sure a parent is early to pick up small children at bus stops.