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Immunization Information

Immunizations are responsible for the control of many infectious diseases that were once very common in our school population. The use of vaccines have reduced and at times eliminated many very harmful and deadly diseases. The bacteria and viruses of many vaccine preventable diseases are still present and can be passed among people who are not protected by vaccination. Vaccine-preventable diseases have an impact on not only excessive absenteeism at school but also medical costs and excessive time missed by parents from work. The links below might help with any questions regarding school required immunization.   You may find more specific information regarding immunizations on the Texas Department of State Health Services page regarding immunizations.  

2024-2025 K-12 Immunization Requirements  
2024-2025 Pre-K Immunization Requirements  
Texas Laws - School Immunizations  
Immunization Exemptions  
FAQs About Immunization Requirements for school Admittance  

Since many types of personal immunization records are in use, any document will be acceptable provided a physician or public health personnel has validated it. Validation includes a signature, initials, or stamp. An immunization record generated from an electronic health record must include clinic contact information and the provider’s signature/stamp, along with the vaccine name and vaccination date (month, day, and year). An official record generated from a health authority is acceptable. An official record received from school officials, including a record from another state is acceptable.